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Please have a look at the range of our services in the scope of shelf companies available for sale. Purchasing a shelf company will save a great deal of time and money.

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The sole shareholder is our law firm, which is a renowned law firm with 26 years of experience in the Polish market.

Share capital

The company’s share capital is the required minimum. In the case of sp. z o.o., the Polish equivalent of limited liability company, it is PLN 5,000 (consisting of 100 shares, PLN 50 each).

Registered office

Centre of Warsaw.

If needed, the company may use our address also after the sale of shares or use our help in transferring the registered office to another address in Poland.


One partner from our law firm will be a member of the company’s management board. At the moment of transfer of the ownership rights to the shares in the company, the management board member will be replaced by a person appointed by the Client.


Please contact our office to learn more about the sale price of our shelf company.


In addition to shelf companies or SPV/SPE we offer you
(separately or in a package):

  • legal services
  • tax consultancy
  • temporary address for the company
  • administrative services
  • opening a bank account for the company
  • support for start-ups in the framework of PNP Design

Our tax company can also offer you comprehensive services, such as:

  • accounting
  • pay-roll
  • HR & pay-roll
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Depending on which business model you prefer, we can help you incorporate a special-purpose company (SPV/SPE) or an entire holding structure consisting of several companies.

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One stop shop. Save your precious time. Save money.


If you wish to start a business or pursue your business in a different structure in the Polish market by incorporating an SPV/SPE, e.g. because of investment in assets, refinancing, risk sharing, transfer of assets or for any other reasons, we can offer you comprehensive legal and tax services in this area.

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We are a modern law firm which, thanks to our international team of lawyers and long-term experience in service of domestic and international clients, has a thorough understanding of cross-border legal issues, including issues relating to starting a business activity as well as incorporating and selling shelf companies and special-purpose companies (SPV/SPE).

We have a modern and pragmatic approach to our Clients. This is why we provide our Clients with the latest legal and technical solutions from the field of Polish law, inter alia, thanks to the possibility of an on-line incorporation of a shelf company.

What is more, our brain-child project, PNP Design, has a very interesting offer addressed mainly to start-ups and the creative industry.

Feel free to go through our offer relating to shelf companies, special-purpose companies (SPV/SPE) and other services!